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          Contact us

          enterprise : Headquarters

          address : No.2 Taihe Road, Mugang Industrial Park,Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China

          ZipCode : 526020

          Tel : 86-758-2870277

          Fax : 86-758-2870431

          URL : http://www.livesgpe.com

          Email : fhld@fenghua-lib.com

          division 2 : Shenzhen Office

          address : Floor 6,No.3 building, King Yuda Industrial park, Shangliao Street,Shajing Town Bao'an Districk, Shenzhen, China

          ZipCode : 518000

          Tel : 86-755-28036868

          Fax : 86-755-82831650

          About us

          Company Profile

              Founded in 2000, Fenghua is an emerging technology and high quality manufacturing company dedicated to the development,manufacturing and distribution of customizable, safe, and highly reliable lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries .

              Since establishment, we have rapidly expanded to become one of the major suppliers of rechargeable batteries in mainland China and now our production capacity reach 400K/day.

              Under rigid management of QC080000 & ISO9001 system, we operate state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to cater to the Electronic Consumer Products including mobile phone, PDA, digital camera, portable audio player , portable PC etc.

              The cornerstones of our business are product quality, customer service and attractive pricing. We use only the finest electrolyte, anode, cathode and separator available in our batteries and our products go through extensive quality control procedures prior to delivery. We offer a one-year warranty on all of our batteries and our engineers are always available for consultation.

              Our vision is to develop innovative battery solutions for the improvement of life and the way we live it.


          In 1997, Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Group) Co., Ltd set up a team for R&D of lithium battery.

          In 1998, Partnershiped with Wuhan University to establish R&D for Lithium ion battery, anode and cathode materials.

          In 1999, Setup production lines & started low-cost, high throughput LIB production.

          In August 2000, Initiated field production and its capacity reached 20K/per day.

          In 2000, Fenghua Lithium Battery Co., Ltd established.

          In 2002, Fenghua acquired ISO9001:2000 certification.

          In 2003, Fenghua acquired UL certification.

          In 2003, Fenghua acquired TL9000 certification.

          Qualified as supplier for Chinabird.

          Qualified as supplier for CECT.

          Qualified as major supplier for Eastcom.

          Qualified as major supplier for Soutec.

          Qualified as major supplier for ZTE.

          Qualified as major supplier for Konka.

          In May 2004, expanded production to 100K/per day.

          Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology (Group) Co., Ltd,Monopoly Polymer Aluminum case 聚合物內置式電池(BTB) low temperature injection battery And other business,Interested customers please contact us,Phone:86-758-2870277

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